2455 N. Ashland Ave. - Unit 2

2455 N. Ashland home

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Living Room

Living Room - looking west Living Room - looking southwest
Living Room - looking east Living Room - looking northeast

The living room has light green walls and large windows that face Ashland Avenue. The windows are double paned, which cuts the street noise to almost nothing. The room has hardwired Internet and satellite TV hookups, and a high definition satellite receiver is included. As you can see from the pictures, there is plenty of room for a couple of couches, a hi-def TV, and a dining table.

Kitchen and Hallway

Kitchen - looking east Kitchen - looking north
Kitchen - looking west

The kitchen has a full size dishwasher, four burner gas stove and full size refrigerator with freezer. The bedroom doors are on the right side of the hallway, and the bathroom doors and laundry area are on the left side.


  Bedroom 1
Bedroom 1 - looking west Bedroom 1 - looking east
  Bedroom 2
Bedroom 2 - looking west Bedroom 2 - looking east
  Bedroom 3
Bedroom 3 - looking west Bedroom 3 - looking east

The bedrooms are all the same size and have full-size closets and hardwired Internet and satellite TV hookups. They are all easily big enough for a queen size bed. All of them were painted a year ago with tan walls and white trim and ceilings.


  Bathroom 2
Bathroom 2 - looking northeast Bathroom 2 - looking west
  Bathroom 1
Bathroom 1 - looking northeast

The bathrooms are both full baths, complete with shower and tub.

Laundry Area

Laundry Room - Washer/Dryer

The laundry area is by the back door, and has a stackable washer and dryer unit and a shelf for supplies. The washer/dryer is NOT coin operated.


Deck - looking north Deck - looking northeast

The back door leads to a deck behind the building.

2455 N. Ashland home