2455 N. Ashland Ave. - Unit 3

2455 N. Ashland home

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Living Room

Living Room - looking up stairs Living Room - looking southwest
Living Room - looking west Living Room - looking west

The living room has light green walls (the picture on the bottom left shows the color the best) and crown moulding around the ceiling. There are double doors to the front deck, and the room has Internet and Satellite TV hookups in the southwest corner.

Kitchen and Hallway

Kitchen - looking north Kitchen - looking east
Kitchen - looking northwest

The kitchen has a full size dishwasher, microwave, gas stove and full size refrigerator. The bedroom doors are on the right side of the hallway, and the bathroom and laundry room doors are on the left side.

Bedrooms 1 and 2

Bedroom 1 - looking southwest Bedroom 2 - looking southwest
Bedroom 1 - looking northeast Bedroom 2 - looking southeast

Both bedrooms are the same size and are mirror images of each other. They are easily big enough for a queen size bed. Also, in the upper right picture of bedroom 1, you can see the Internet and satellite TV jack on the right side of the wall with the window.


Bathroom - looking east Bathroom - looking north

Laundry Room

Laundry Room - washer/dryer Laundry Room - closet

The laundry room contains a stackable washer and dryer unit and a small closet.

Front Deck

Front Deck - looking north Front Deck - looking south

The glass-paned double doors in the living room lead out to a small privacy deck in the fron. The deck is 19 feet wide, and is only accessible from the third floor. Because a 4 foot wall surrounds the deck and there is no rooftop access in the building, the deck affords plenty of privacy.

Back Deck

Back Deck - looking southwest Back Deck - view towards the city
Back Deck - looking northeast Back Deck - looking west

The door at the end of the hallway leads to a large deck in the back of the building. The previous tenants left some tables and chairs that are available for new tenants if desired. If not, they will be removed before the new tenants move in.

2455 N. Ashland home

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